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About Me

Mark Diles

Born and raised in San Francisco, California

Married and father of 4 sons known as “the boys”.

I started my first business at the ripe young age of 17 producing ballroom dance parties and dropship mail order in a back room downstairs in my parent’s house.  However I had already started working when I was 15 at the Beresford Arms Hotel in downtown San Francisco as a Bell Boy (that was fun).  I ended full-time employment in 2006 for a company named Oracle headquartered in Silicon Valley.  Between my first and last employers I also worked for various financial institutions such as Charles Schwab, Thomas White Discount Brokerage, and Merrill Lynch.  After graduating trade school as a Data Processor, I worked as an independent  contractor for the likes of: SAP, The Gap Corporate Headquarter, Cellular One, Bowers Imaging, MAC’s Children and Family Services, Intuit Software, Aston Tate, Informix, and permanently employed by Siebel Systems (later acquired by Oracle).

I founded Prolitigation in 2003 which later became Prolitigation LLC.  I purchased my first Franchise in 2006 and after being mentored by Marketing expert Jeff Paul; I quickly became the top sales and marketing franchisee – being asked to become the Director of National Sales.  I had developed the Prolitigation Marketing System used to train and drive sales for all new franchisees.  We then became marketing consultants and web developers helping other small to medium size businesses acquire new customers.

With the new marketing canvas being laid… it was obvious to see that Terry Wilson 3 has it all figured out.  Not only can we use this product for our own marketing… but it can be use to solved one of the biggest problems many business face today, and that is generating a constant stream of patients, clients, and customers.

I am now licensed as an Elite Member with Terry Wilson 3.